Your username is your SAP registered Corporate email address. In the event that you do not have an assigned unique Corporate email, you can have your personal email address as the username. Please make sure that you have this registered in SAP through assistance from your account HR

Your password is your own unique password that you will personally assign.

You cannot recover your password due to security and data encryption. You can, however, change your password by clicking on the FORGOT PASSWORD link in iHR's "Login to My Account" page. A pop up will appear where you will be required to input your registered email address. A notification will be sent to your email address from containing the link to reset your password. Make sure that the email you will input is your registered email address in SAP/iHR. Take note that the password is case sensitive

In most cases, the reason why you did not receive the notification is that you used an unregistered email address. Kindly ensure that you used the correct/registered email address

To register your personal email address, please have it registered first in SAP through assistance from your account HR. After registration in SAP, go to the CONTACT US portion at the bottom of the iHR landing page and fill-out the necessary fields with the Subject: For Personal Email Registration. Please indicate full name, employee ID number, SBU and your personal email address. Please state if you have already updated your personal email address in SAP. You will also need to Cc your HR before sending the email.

This is due to the internet settings of your computer or mobile phone/tab. Please copy the entire link, open the Google Chrome Navigation bar and paste the link. Press enter after pasting the link, this should now open a page requiring you to input your password twice.

If you have already used the link before, you can no longer use the same link due to security requirements. You will need to press the FORGOT PASSWORD link again and follow the same process to reset your password.

In most cases, there has been a change in your corporate email address. Examples would be change from maiden to married name, change in SBU, etc. Kindly ensure that you register your email address first in SAP then send an email through the CONTACT US indicating your request to register your email address.

In the event that you received a notification for your approval, it means that your review and approval is required for a specific workflow. You will need to log-in to iHR and complete the review and approval process. If you have not done this, you will continue to receive auto notification reminders every 2 days until this is closed.

The picture puzzle is Google Raptcha. This is an added security feature to ensure that there is no "bot" that is trying to hack and enter the system. If this appears, you will b e required to select the correct pictures before you can enter the site. Take note that you need to do this correctly otherwise you will be unable to enter the site.

To activate your eClearance, you should have already received a notification from regarding the activation process. If you have not received any, then you need to confirm with your Account HR if they have already received your resignation letter and have already tagged you in SAP. Activation of eClearance is triggered by the SAP tagging.